Summer Haze

Sorry I haven’t been around much, friends! The month of June has been a haze of work, Super User classes, stats modules, and oh yes – sleep. I honestly don’t remember much about this month, except for the fact that my family is currently on a houseboat in the middle of Lake Shasta…without me. And I’m baking (poaching?) in the Southern humidity. Sigh…someday we will be able to afford to fly across the country and take real summer vacations. Right? Actually, someday we’ll hopefully be living in much closer proximity to said family and vacations won’t include those cross-country flights.

For the next couple weeks I will be off my unit (except for a few extra shifts that I volunteered for) and over at a different hospital within our system. They are the first inpatient facility to “go live” with our shiny new electronic health records system, and as a Super User I will be working night shift in a non-clinical capacity, sharing my technical expertise with the nursing staff (ha). I’m excited about the change of pace, the new environment (an Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Unit – yippee!), and a little break. Our floor has been especially hectic over the past month … maybe that’s why I’ve been in such a haze of mental and physical exhaustion. I’m hoping that I return refreshed and ready to take on as much overtime as I can handle, because come August, there will be no time for extra shifts. (Come August, there will also be an extra $600 of income every month, since my student loans will go back in deferment…that fact alone is enough to make me thankful I’m going back to school for three years…)

In other news, S registered for his first two PA school prereqs! Huzzah! He has been patiently waiting for us to establish residency in a new state and to save enough money to make this feasible. And this fall begins his own journey. I know it will be a lot of hard work, but he is so relieved to be getting started. He’s been in a holding pattern for far too long, and it is high time he takes his turn!

I’ve got a couple posts in the works and I am looking forward to sharing the “Super User experience” with y’all as well. Hope you’re having a good summer, wherever you may be!

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