Back In the Madhouse

I wrapped up my Super User shifts last week and returned to my normal floor on the 4th of July. And I’ve been running ragged ever since… 😉

Pardon me for the lack of coherent content. I worked a total of five night shifts last week (will NEVER do that again, even though my paycheck will have me dancing a jig in a few weeks).

One thing I have realized since returning to my normal operating mode? This is the hardest job I have ever had (and probably ever will have). More physically demanding than the PCU (and often with equally acute patients), more hectic than community health, and probably more taxing to my mind, body, and soul than any advanced practice or teaching role I may fill in the future. Working on a medical floor, with 6 patients, on night shift, is just plain HARD.

There are some nights when the only thing that keeps me going is the support of my coworkers. Lesson #2 for the week: the team surrounding you makes all the difference! I had a few very tempting invitations from my Super User site to make a move and work there in a clinical capacity (even more tempting since it’s 10 minutes from my house). The major factor that gave me pause was the thought of leaving my family of nurses behind. We keep each other going when we’re running on fumes!

I am coming up on my first anniversary as a floor nurse. Am I exhausted and wrung out? Yep.

Was this the best decision I have ever made? You bet your a**.

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