I have one week of classes officially under my belt. Which was hard to accomplish thanks to getting sick during orientation – I don’t know how a person can cough as much as I did without losing a lung. (Obviously I jest. I know the pathophys of an upper respiratory infection. Dear God, let’s hope.) I finally went to the doctor this week when my coughing fits were interfering with my sleep (and S’ sleep, for that matter). Thanks to the wonders of codeine I’m starting to sleep better and feel better.

However, this whole back-to-school thing is quite an experience. I’m in this weird nebulous place where I’m taking DNP classes with advanced practice nurses who know their stuff and simultaneously taking advanced practice assessment and patho classes with NP students who are just starting their journey. Some of them are brand new nurses who literally graduated this summer. It’s an odd situation to be in – I feel like a fish out of water in both types of classes. I’m both starting and continuing my journey at the same time. If that makes any sense.

And I have one word to describe the workload: impossible. Granted, I am taking 12 credits on top of working full-time, so it’s really my own fault. But when I’m not at work or sleeping, I’m studying, reading, writing. And it’s only week 1.

Overall I really like the professors (especially my palliative care nursing professor. She’s the bomb. I am going to LOVE that class.) My only gripe is that in a couple of my classes they only post the assignments one week at a time, making it impossible for us to get ahead or anticipate our schedules. If we’re supposed to be adult learners, I feel like we should be treated as such.

More to come later… I have discussion posts to write before I head to bed for work tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Sigh.

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