Capping It All Off

In 17 days I’ll be 25% of the way to becoming an RN. That’s just freaking scary. But in the spirit of getting ahead of myself, I thought I’d begin marinating over what this semester has taught me and where I think I’m headed.

  • Lesson #1: Psych is out. Even though I loved my placement and was exhilarated by the challenge of working with pukey adolescents, I’ve discovered that I love the technical aspects of nursing too much to focus on therapy at the expense of everything else that encompasses this profession. I can be therapeutic and still be hands-on.
  • Lesson #2: I hate, absolutely despise, and loathe transferring/pivoting/lifting people who are bigger than me (or are my size, for that matter). Yet another reason to choose peds. A lot fewer of those floatin’ around.
  • Lesson #3: The human heart fascinates me. The human brain does too, which is why I have enjoyed my Neuro rotation. But the other day I was listening to heart sounds on my patient who had had a stroke and a heart attack, and when I caught an S3 (that’s an extra heart sound that shouldn’t be there), I about jumped out of my skin with excitement.
  • Lesson #4: Every experience I have had thus far, and many of my conversations, continue to lead me along the path that I have already been envisioning: pediatric end-of-life care. So much so that I am trying to finagle my way into doing my capstone (final semester rotation) at a pediatric hospice facility. I found out today that our capstones don’t necessarily have to be in the immediate geographic vicinity. Most of the coursework can be done online by that point, and if you have an interest in a particular type of nursing or location, apparently our program can help make that happen. This just opens up whole realms of possibilities for me! And if I start planning for my options now, I’ll be that much more prepared to figure out logistics.

Now if I can just pass my silly Foley Cath test, I’ll be golden. Note to self: don’t turn your back on the sterile field, Nurse Teeny!

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