Countdown To Freedom

Thanksgiving at home was a dream come true. Even though I studied through about half of it. But I was home and that’s all that mattered. Flying back here this afternoon to face the next 10 days was not my cup of tea.

Then again, that means I am 10 days away from surviving my first (and most hellish) semester of nursing school, relatively unscathed. So if I MUST come back into town, at least I’ll be so busy, it’ll be over before I know it.

Here is what stands between me and Christmas decorations, boat parades, quality family time, and (of course) snuggling with S…

  1. ATI Mental Health Assessment
  2. ATI Pharm Assessment
  3. Roles paper
  4. 2 clinical shifts
  5. 1 comprehensive care plan
  6. Med-Surg Exam #4
  7. Wound Care simulation in the lab
  8. Mental Health Final
  9. Pharm Final

On Thursday, December 11th, my bags will be packed and I will be RARIN’ to go!

P.S.  Nurse Teeny pauses to pat herself on the back….she passed her Foley Cath test last week! I have a tube for your bladder and I’m not afraid to use it! 😉

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