Home Stretch

I swear that I have every intention of updating this blog more than I do.

But you know what they say about good intentions. So I’ll keep doing my best and ask those of you who have stuck around to have continued patience with me.

Spring semester is winding to a close and I couldn’t be more ready for a tiny break. Pharmacology class alone is enough to kill a grad student. Our exam today covered the following: antibiotics (enough content for one test by itself!), seizure meds, headache meds, weight loss/smoking cessation/erectile dysfunction meds, thyroid meds, GI meds (GERD, PUD, nausea/diarrhea/constipation), oncology meds (“just the basics”), AND medication safety. No big deal, right?

To celebrate the end of this cognitive torture, S and I are going to the mountains in a few weeks. We were supposed to go over Spring Break, but then we had to move.

Yes, the dreaded “M” word. We were doing a rent-to-own arrangement at our previous house but decided for a multitude of reasons not to exercise our option. We felt like jerks for doing it because the owners were fantastic people, but it just didn’t make financial sense. So they invited us to stay as tenants indefinitely but also made it clear that they wanted to sell. We spent the better part of January and February deep cleaning the house on a regular basis for showings (in the middle of a less-than-desirable roommate situation), and they got an offer in late February. We scrambled to find a new place, signed a new lease and two days later found out the buyers had backed out. Too late now. We moved two weeks ago. Which threw my life into a tailspin until my amazing mom flew out to help (Moms = Superheroes).

There are still boxes and suitcases everywhere, but my commute to work has been cut in half, while my commute to school is only 10 minutes longer. S works close enough that he can come home for lunch and let the dogs out. The owners of our new place want a long-term tenant. So hear this…until we leave this state, we.are.staying.put. Do you hear me, universe????

Work has been…odd. I was out of regular staffing for almost three weeks to help with “Go Live” on our new records system. Then my migraines took a turn for the worse (midterms + Go Live + moving = BREAKING POINT), so I was out of work for another week. Goodbye, remnants of my PTO that I was just starting to rebuild…it’s been real. The good news is, my manager approved my request to reduce my schedule to 0.75 FTE, which basically means I will work five shifts per pay period instead of six. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a huge mental break. And mental breaks are key. Especially when HR still considers me “full time” and doesn’t take away my benefits.

In the past three weeks, I have also registered for both summer and fall semesters. I really feel that I’ll be diving into the meat of my program over the next several months. Hopefully with good results. Plus I’ll have time to take some neat electives. Only one more year until I’m done with this part of my studies and studying for boards.

That, my friends, is a terrifying thought.

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