One for the Books

Semester #2 of my career as a  nurse practitioner student is a wrap! I turned in my clinical paperwork yesterday, which was my final step. I can’t decide which semester was more hellish – #1 or #2. To be sure, I worked my tail off for both of them.

I have three weeks off before we start up again. I honestly have no idea what to do with myself. We still have TONS of unpacking to do in our new place, but I can’t motivate myself to do much more than lie around and watch HIMYM on Amazon Prime. I figure I’m entitled to a few days of absolute nothingness, right? S and I also have our long-awaited weekend in the mountains coming up. On the agenda: relax and spend some much needed time just the two of us, sans books, dogs, and responsibilities.

Summer term will feature two courses, both of which have clinical requirements. My second adult health class is focusing on management of chronic disease (this spring we emphasized acute treatment in primary care). The clinical for that one is THREE.HOURS.AWAY. But I’m told it’s worth the drive, because the site and preceptor are supposed to be amazing. Another student is also placed there, so we’ll be carpooling out every other week and doing two days at a time. As much as I dread the drive, at least I will have company and we’ll be near the ocean!

My oncology clinical is the one I am really jazzed about. I’ll be working with an NP in an outpatient bone marrow/stem cell transplant clinic. This is an area that I don’t know much about, but the idea of it fascinates me. We got to practice bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures in our learning lab this spring, and it sounds like I’ll get to do my fair share of actual procedures during clinical.

And since I’m “only” taking two classes this summer, I signed up to take a review course for the OCN exam at work. The class will meet every other week until late August, and then I’ll plan to take the OCN exam in September. Assuming I pass, that’s a $1000 certification bonus headed my way. The jury is still out on whether I go for the next Clinical Ladder step. I have a project idea in mind for improving outcomes, but I just don’t know if I have the time or energy to follow through. Although the additional bump in pay for my last 6 months as a bedside nurse wouldn’t hurt. We’ll see…

We’re already registered for fall semester as well. In addition to my last required course and my oncology residency, I’ll be taking two electives: one on HIV management in primary care, and one on genomics in medicine. I have to say I’m pretty jazzed about both. After December, all I have remaining is my adult health residency and then I will be qualified to take my NP boards. Eeps.

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