Badge Blooms: An Update

Over a year ago, I posted a review about my lovely “RN” badge holder obtained from Badge Blooms. I thought it might be time to update y’all on the condition/status of my adorable Badge Bloom.


I am happy to report that 15 months later, we are still going strong! The clip is still intact, the badge reel still retracts like it’s supposed to, and I have lost none of the decorative adornments. In short, I am one happy customer! And I continue to receive compliments about it on a daily basis.

I’ve been staying in touch with Melissa on and off and watching her Etsy shop like a hawk, and I continue to find new designs that delight me. I fully intend to buy out her supply for graduation gifts as friends and colleagues start becoming nurse practitioners over the next year. I also intend to collect some of her holiday-themed badge holders to increase the festive factor. And since it is National Nurses Week, I should also mention this is also a great and affordable gift for your employees or co-workers.  We’ve been working on a personalized bloom for a good friend, and she has always gotten back to me within 24 hours (usually less). I’ve been nothing but pleased with her good-natured professionalism!

If you’re looking for a personalized badge holder to spiff up your professional wardrobe, I highly encourage you to check out Badge Blooms! Tell her Nurse Teeny sent you. 😉

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