“Parish” the Thought

Well there were moments when I wondered if I’d ever be able to say this….

WE MADE IT!!!!!  🙂

I just got home from my LAST clinical shift of the semester.  It’s unbelievable how quickly the past 6 weeks have gone.  My classmate and I ruminated today on how we’re starting to actually feel like we know what we’re doing.  And in less than a week, we’ll all be 25% RNs.  Craziness!

Last week was a flurry of ATI exams and unless I heard wrong, we all passed all three of the exams!  Go us!  And next week is a flurry of final exams.  Thursday afternoon I’m headed to the airport to fly home for the holidays.

We also got our clinical assignments for next semester.  My first 6 weeks will be my community health rotation and I’ll be doing parish nursing, which I am absolutely thrilled about.  The only downside is that I may lose some Sundays to do programs at the parish where I’ll be located.  So scheduling visits with S will present a challenge, but we’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

Then I move into my second Meg-Surg rotation, also on a neuro floor but at a different hospital.  Not sure if it’s a coincidence that I’ll be doing neuro again or if they wanted some continuity so we could handle more complex patients right off the bat.  Either way, I’m both excited that I’ll actually know what I’m doing and a little bummed that I don’t get to try something new.  And admittedly it’s rather bittersweet – my dear father was a neuropsychologist and he would have absolutely LOVED to hear about my experiences with patients who often might have ended up in his office.

Going to go soak my tired tootsies in my brand new massaging foot bath.  Very smart use of my birthday gift card at Target, I must say!

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