Exploring My Options

So I quit my job. What’s next?

First, I plan to exhale. I’ve felt so suffocated the past several months, and submitting my resignation was like a breath of fresh air. As scary as it was, I knew it was the right decision. Rather than feel constantly frustrated and discouraged, I’ve decided to write my own ticket.

My goal is to assemble a mish-mash of PRN/part-time opportunities that will offer me the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as the flexibility to focus on my studies when I need to. For kicks and giggles I applied to a few full-time jobs, but after a lot of thought, per diem really is the way to go. S and I can get health insurance through school, which was really the only thing holding me back. Per diem pays better per hour and I now have the experience to make me qualified for these types of jobs. I’ve interviewed for two in particular that I am really excited about (don’t want to jinx it by sharing more details…yet). If I got offers from both, there’s no reason I couldn’t accept both. PRN jobs tend to have very loose time requirements, and I think it would be fun to mix things up a little bit.

I’ll also be diving into nursing education. My DNP is being funded by a federal program that covers my tuition in exchange for my willingness to teach full-time after completing my doctorate. As someone who has always loved the opportunity to mentor and teach, I am okay with this arrangement. So to test the waters, I’ll be a clinical instructor for the BSN students at my nursing school. I’ll start off with a very part-time CI gig once a week, and possibly pick up additional courses for the spring. I’m excited and terrified. Mostly excited terrified.

In some ways, my new options will make things more complicated. Balancing 2-3 jobs instead of one will not be easy. On the other hand, I’m also simplifying my life by saying “Yes” to the opportunities that make me love being a nurse and “no” to drama and BS.

Time to take some big leaps forward…


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