Scrubs Galore

Several months ago, I was contacted by the folks at Medical Discount Scrubs with a request to try out and review some of their items. I was invited to identify the scrub top and bottom of my choice, and soon afterward, received a box of goodies in the mail.

At the time, I was still expecting to stay in my current job, so I went with colors that complied with my hospital’s uniform policy. I ultimately mixed things up a bit by going with a white top from Dickies and blue bottoms from Cherokee.

*Note: The exact items are no longer available, but the top was part of the Professional Whites collection and the bottoms came from the Cherokee Workwear Stretch line.

I immediately took the top out for a spin by wearing it on my next shift as charge nurse. Why then? I was less likely to get blood or other bodily fluids on my pretty new scrubs. I got several compliments at work, and the top had a flattering cut and fit just right. I’m not one for selfies, but here is a shot of the top itself.

2014-04-29 17.12.04

I also loved the little details that made me feel very feminine (and made the top feel quite lightweight):

2014-04-29 17.12.12

My only caveat overall is that a square neck is not super compatible with sports bras (which is my undergarment of choice on the job). But that was really my fault in ordering the neckline I did. I’d also advise that if you go with white, wear a tank top or camisole underneath.

Unfortunately, I didn’t account for my short stature in placing my order, and the scrub pants arrived about six inches too long (in nursing terms, that would make me a fall risk 😉 ). Despite my best intentions, they are still hanging over my washer/dryer, awaiting a trip to the tailor to be hemmed. Other than the length, however, the pants fit extremely well and were true-to-size. I have always been a fan of the elastic waistbands available on some Cherokee scrub pants, and these were snug enough not to fall down but loose enough to be comfortable. I’m not teeny tiny by any means, so the elastic works well for me.

If I had it do over, would I have ordered white? Probably not, just because I won’t wear it as often due to the potential stain factor. But the clothes themselves fit well and were comfortable. And getting brand name scrubs at a discount? Yes please. 🙂

My apologies to the folks at Medical Discount Scrubs for the delay in posting this review. You have been more than patient with me while I plodded through the last semester, and I appreciate that so much!

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