Another Chapter

I mentioned the other day that I had some new opportunities in the works after resigning from my job.

Now that they have come to fruition, I can share the exciting news!

I have accepted two per diem positions, one in inpatient hospice and one on a hem/onc floor across town. Since both are PRN, the pay is significantly better than my current wages, which means working fewer hours with more variety, and continuing to do what I love. At the hospice, I’ll be providing direct care and conducting admissions. On the hem/onc floor, I’ll get a lot more exposure to heme malignancies, which have captivated my imagination since my bone marrow transplant rotation over the summer. I am excited to learn new skills and continue working with the patients I love. [Bonus: I can get health insurance for Steve and myself through school. So the whole “no benefits” thing isn’t as big a deal.]

I’ll also still be teaching on a very part-time basis. If that goes well, perhaps I will have more opportunities to work with students in the coming semesters.

Due to orientation activities for my new jobs and various other registration complexities, I did have to slightly adjust my fall semester plans:

  • Oncology Residency in inpatient palliative care remains the same. I’m excited but a little disheartened. My first day was supposed to be this past Tuesday, but my preceptor no-showed. Hope that was a fluke and not a sign of things to come.
  • Reproductive Health – A requirement for my certificate. I was waffling between taking it on-campus this fall or online next spring. I thought I had settled on spring until I realized I’d have to miss 4 out of my first 5 Genomics classes for job orientation [I couldn’t take both classes on-campus since they fell on different days, which would do a number on my availability for clinical and work]. That didn’t seem fair to the class or the professor and just didn’t sit right with me. So I pulled a switcheroo, dropped Genomics, and will take reproductive health on-campus, with a bunch of my oncology girls (a HUGE plus in my book).
  • Electives in HIV advanced practice (one in pathogenesis and one about psychosocial dimensions) – They’re both only one credit and offered online and I couldn’t help myself. The science geek in me wants to grasp HIV as a disease but the anthropologist and community health nurse in me want to explore the legal, social, and ethical issues related to the disease.
  • Due to some registration headaches, I had to drop my first nursing education class. Long story. Trust me, it’s boring and convoluted.

I’ll push genomics and nursing education to spring 2015, to take with a DNP course, which I will slowly be building back into my courseload over the next year. I’ll also start my primary care residency in the spring, completing 200 of 300 total required hours. I’ll do the final 100 in the summer, with two more nursing education classes online. Since I won’t pick up my DNP in earnest again until Fall 2015, there’s no absolute rush. And in the spirit of slowing down, I decided to do myself a favor and actually walk the walk this time.

So there you have it. Musical jobs and musical classes. Story of my life. The new term starts next week.

Six more shifts at my current job and I am counting the hours…

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