It’s been three weeks since I worked my last shift in the hospital. My departure was rather anticlimactic. Whereas most staff who leave get a send-off potluck or at least a card, I arrived on my last day with most people not even aware that I had resigned. I got individual well-wishes and hugs from co-workers I loved, which mattered more to me anyway. But it still stung a little that my manager didn’t even try.

Not that it surprised me. When I went to the ER the night before my second-to-last shift, I emailed him an update and told him I would do my damndest to be at work in the morning. And I did show up and worked my tail off. He was there all day and couldn’t be bothered to check in and make sure I was okay. Sigh. And so it goes.

Enough complaining though… Although it was a bit sadistic of me to start three new jobs in the same month, I have to say it’s been a refreshing process. Here is how September has gone.

  • Hospice – My transfer between departments (from hospital to hospice) has been a little messy. But damn, do I love hospice nursing. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally hard as hell. But rewarding as hell too. What a privilege to be part of such an intimate part of people’s lives. To be trusted and counted on to give comfort. It’s why I became a nurse, all rolled into one incredible job.
  • Hem/Onc – I have yet to start orienting on the floor but general orientation has gone quite well. I feel welcomed already. The whole health system seems to be built on a foundation of gratitude, which is really encouraging. When I mentioned to the manager that I was hoping to travel over part of the holidays to see my family, she had our scheduler email me so that we could work out my holiday shifts. In September. Before I had even officially started working. I think I will learn a lot here. Plus, they’re going to cross-train me to the bone marrow transplant unit so I can float both places. The nerd in me is delighted.
  • Teaching – I adore this job. I adore watching nurses-to-be grow and push themselves. I am refreshed by their energy and their positive outlook. I am inspired by our post-conference discussions. I feel like I get to relive The Makings of a Nurse  every day I am with them. What an incredible journey.

I’ve been reminded again and again this month why I chose this profession…or why this profession chose me. Through all of the frustrations and health setbacks, I get to go to bed every night thankful for what I do.

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