Product Review: Tafford Plus Size Scrubs

I am constantly in the market for scrubs that are comfortable, fit well and will effectively cover me when I’m on my feet for 12 hours.

This is not an easy task when most scrubs retailers feature models who wear a size 0 and make it appear as if you could run a marathon in their trendy low-rise, cargo pants. Here’s a hint: Trendy low-rise cargo pants may look cute but they’re not so helpful when you’re in the midst of a code, doing chest compressions on a patient who fell out on the floor. Trust me, I’ve been there.

It’s fun to look nice, but nurses need scrubs that will stand the tests of time and rigor (and hopefully look nice as a bonus). Add a few extra pounds to the equation and it gets even more challenging.

So when Tafford Uniforms contacted me about trying out a pair of their new plus size scrubs, I jumped at the opportunity. On the Plus Size line’s website, I read that they emphasized slimming lines through color blocking and strategic seam placement, elastic smooth waistbands, full coverage sleeves, and longer length tops.

I was not disappointed. I went with the comfort waist flare leg scrub pants in black (to potentially go with other scrub tops in my closet), and the color block V neck scrub top in “Coastal Surf”. Here is a nice video (with Tafford’s permission), highlighting the features of this particular duo:

My only concern about the top I chose was whether it would be too low cut – a common issue for busty girls everywhere (amiright, ladies?). I need not have worried – apparently whoever designed this line knows our plight, and I felt covered.

I was told that the scrubs intentionally ran big in order to accommodate variations in size and shape. That wasn’t my experience, however. I found that the sizes I ordered (which were my typical sizes these days) fit me just right, except the pants were too long. This is not a new issue for me, as I have had to hem almost every pair of scrub pants I’ve ever bought. I really must learn to sew…

What I really loved about these scrubs:

  1. The full coverage. Not only were “the girls” well concealed, but the top was the perfect length to prevent riding up from the back or the side.
  2. How the top felt breathable yet sturdy. I could wear this in the middle of a North Carolina summer and not feel stifled to death. But it also neither felt nor looked like it was going to fall apart at the seams.
  3. The color. “Coastal Surf” turned out to be a beautifully rich aqua green. Even my husband commented that he really liked the color when it came out of the box.
  4. How the pants did not feel like they would drop the minute I bent over or sat down. I trust that in the aforementioned code scenario, I would remain appropriately dressed.
  5. The flattering cut. The first day I wore these scrubs, I can’t tell you how many people complimented me and told me how flattering they looked.

My only (minor) complaint was that they didn’t offer varying pant lengths. Again, my fault for being a shorty, but I think it would be helpful to acknowledge that plus-size girls can sometimes be petite as well.

The final test…would I buy another pair for myself? And that answer is a resounding YES! I was pleased beyond belief with these scrubs, and delighted that someone has finally gotten a clue and designed a line that is both flattering and appropriate for busy nurses of all shapes and sizes.

*Note: All product reviews are my opinion and mine alone. I was not paid or perked for this review, except for receiving this product for my personal use, so that I could offer honest and informed feedback.

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