25% RN

Well folks, it’s official. I walked out of my pharm exam an hour ago, feeling groovy (the grooviness not necessarily correlated with my performance on the exam, but honestly I did feel pretty good about that too).

Semester 1 of nursing school is OVER. Whew, that was fast. I was mentally done with the term as soon as I made it through my wound simulation on Tuesday. But now it feels so good to really, truly be done with the whole kitten caboodle.

And I actually feel like I learned stuff. Our entire class passed all of our ATIs (the first time in the history of this particular program), and we have been told repeatedly how well we’re doing. So maybe we are on our way, after all. The scariest part is, at this time next year, I’ll be tackling the NCLEX!

But for now all I care about is Christmas break. I’m homeward bound in a matter of hours. Fa la la la la, la la la LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Happy Holidays!

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