Another One for the Books

Gah, someday I will recapture the art of blogging whilst studying, but apparently it’s not today…

Tuesday I submitted my final paper/project of the fall semester. Today I saw that my final grades were posted.

Stick a fork in me.

That’s a wrap.

Another one bites the dust. … Can you tell I’m a bit punchy? 😛

For being my “lightest” semester credit-wise, there was nothing really light about this fall. I worked my tail off, while learning three new jobs. No, I wasn’t stressed at all. In the midst of everything, I also had another crash/burn cycle of migraines, and had to take an incomplete in my oncology residency, which I will wrap up next spring with a new preceptor. I will apparently never learn how to truly slow down.

So what’s next on the docket for Nurse Teeny?

  • Finish up my oncology residency. Just have 50 hours to go. All of my assignments were completed this semester, so it’s a matter of getting in the clinical time.
  • Start my primary care residency in … wait for it … PALLIATIVE CARE! Double bonus – it’s with the medical director at my current workplace, who already knows me well. I was literally sitting next to her at a retreat when I got my clinical assignment via email and almost fell out of my chair. I don’t exactly know how I swung that (I certainly didn’t request it), but I have a sneaking suspicion that someone is trying to tell me something.
  • Resume my DNP coursework with a finance class. *Shudder*
  • Take my first official nursing education class. Woop woop!

I’ll be taking on more responsibility at hospice, which equals fewer shifts in hem/onc. Which is okay because I officially hate giving chemo (another story for another day…). And, I get to continue teaching, which is my newfound love. I’ll be continuing as a clinical instructor in the same class I was teaching this fall, and I’ll also be a lab CI for the students’ health assessment teaching time.

But first I pick up some extra shifts to make some much-needed $$$ and then S and I head to Antigua for five days! Couldn’t be better timing … we both need a break from reality!

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