About My Choice

By now you’ve had a few days to digest my big news (pardon the pun). You may have mixed feelings about it. Trust me, I’ve been preparing for this experience for four months now, and I have my moments.

If you are curious, the exact procedure I will be undergoing is called a SIPS (stomach intestinal pylorus-sparing surgery). It is a fairly new surgery that pairs two procedures: the vertical sleeve gastrectomy and a modified, less technically-complicated version of the duodenal switch. A version of this procedure was first trialed in Spain, with amazing results and few complications. It is currently offered at five centers across the U.S. and thus far outcomes have been phenomenal. By combining both restrictive and malabsorptive processes (but avoiding some of the malabsorptive issues common with a gastric bypass), it is being touted by some as the future of bariatric surgery. My surgeon has been doing these since last year and has been really pleased with the results. Granted, it is new-ish (first performed in 2007), so long-term outcomes are not yet available.

Check out this video for more detail (and somewhat gross surgical footage, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing ;-):

I’ll post more about the preop process I had to undergo, as well as some of the postop requirements, in the next few weeks leading up to surgery. Rest assured that this will not become a personal diary about my weight loss journey. But I also believe that this experience is an important part of my overall journey. And being transparent about the struggles as just as important as celebrating the victories.

In the meantime, tell me what you think! Do you know anyone who has undergone weight loss surgery? How did it go? What are your thoughts on this process? I want to hear from you.

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