Going Lean and Green

Although I am down to the five-shakes-a-day phase of my “liver diet”, I thought I’d share some of our favorite “lean and green” recipes that we discovered during the first two weeks. All I can say is thank goodness for the Internet (and Pinterest)! We were quite pleased with many of the dishes we made and I’ve pinned them for future reference.

The whole experience was made extra special by the fact that Steve and I cooked many of these meals together (when I wasn’t working). He is definitely the culinary master in this family, but I have always enjoyed being his sous chef, and it was really fun to try new ingredients and combinations, and enjoy the whole experience of food prep. Our version of a date night ;-). Ironically, I’ve been more interested and involved in cooking these past few weeks, mostly because I am bound and determined to make sure that I can still enjoy food (just healthier versions of it). And I’ve been watching reruns of Top Chef like it’s my job – you would think it would be torture, but somehow it’s comforting.

As for the famous shakes, my morning routine has been a splash of fresh-squeezed orange juice, a serving of frozen fruit, and vanilla protein powder, blended with a bit of ice. In the afternoons I’ll usually blend chocolate protein powder and water with a teaspoon of PB2, or vanilla protein powder and unsweetened almond/coconut milk with a teaspoon of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract (I swear it tastes just like a cinnamon roll). They’re actually not bad overall, I’m just tired of them.

The high protein snacks were so-so. I had to buy these soy “crisps” that had different savory flavors – the flavoring left a bit of a chalky texture, but they weren’t terrible and it was honestly nice to eat something that wasn’t sweet. The protein bars they wanted me to get were just plain nasty, so I crowd-sourced on Facebook and discovered the wonder of Quest bars. These babies helped me pull through my afternoon slumps.

Next on my culinary to-do list: research pureed options that aren’t store bought applesauce/pudding/baby food. I’ll be on liquids only for two weeks post-op and then the pureed phase begins for a week.

Any suggestions? 😉

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