Ringin’ It In

When the clock strikes midnight, it will be 2009.  Totally surreal.  Where did 2008 go?

I must say it was an odd year.  Learning how to live without my dad … starting nursing school just as I witnessed my would-be classmates at Duke prepare for graduation … filing for divorce … selling a house … and falling deeply and madly in love.  A mix of bittersweet, sad, and magical.  The last few months were especially trying as I adjusted to life in a new city and underwent the tribulations of what was reportedly our most difficult semester.

So what are Nurse Teeny’s New Year’s Resolution(s)?  I’ve never really taken the concept too seriously but then again, this next year promises to be full of even more changes and challenges, and I feel a need to “buck myself up,” so to speak.  So here are three that I consider to be most important:

  1. Take better care of myself.  Mind, body, and spirit.  Nurses are notorious for self-neglect.  And by next New Year’s Eve, I may well be an actual nurse.  Better to start now.
  2. Learn Spanish.  The chances are good that I’ll need it.  I decided to be “outside of the box” and take Latin in high school, then German in college.  Silly Nurse Teeny.  Spanish is where it’s at.
  3. Share an address with S by next New Year’s Eve (or at least a zip code, with active searching for a place of our own).  Whether that means the mountain comes to Mohammed, or Mohammed comes to the mountain is yet to be decided.  But if I hadn’t moved away for school, we’d already be living together.

Of course I resolve to pass the NCLEX too.  But that’s not just a matter of making a resolution.  It’s another year of hard work and preparation.

And I’m looking forward to sharing that year with y’all.  See you in 2009!

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