Do I Have To?

Alas, my Christmas vacation is coming to a rapid end.  The fam is accompanying me back to do a little exploring of my neck of the woods, then they all fly home and classes start on Monday.  Schoolwise, I’m prepared.  Textbooks are purchased, pre-semester assigned reading almost complete (teachers everywhere beware, assigning 5 chapters to read before the semester even starts is NOT cool), school supplies are organized save for a need to restock on highlighters.

Mentally, however, I am not ready for this.  I feel like I just got home yesterday and last fall was so intense on so many levels that I don’t believe I decompressed nearly enough.  Yes, I know, I got a month off from school, the real world won’t be so generous, blah blah blah.  But the fact that I’m already counting the days to Spring Break BEFORE classes even resume is not a very promising sign.

Not to mention my courseload is going to be hinky (my new favorite word, borrowed from a nursing school classmate):

  • Med-Surg II (a 7-freaking-credit class) – featuring a whole new method of developing care plans called Dynamic OPTs (don’t ask me how they differ from “static” OPTs)
  • Public Health Nursing – an interesting but reading- and writing-intensive course.  On average, we’ll be reading 100+ pages a week.
  • Professional Role Development, Part Deux – 3 words: Waste of time.  Apparently last year’s cohort benefited significantly from the role development course sequence.  We, however, got a different instructor who didn’t even know she was teaching the class until the week before the semester started.  And that was pretty much indicative of how the course went.  At least it’s only 1 credit and we meet only 6-7 times.

The good news is, once I survive this spring, I’m on the home stretch.  Summer features peds and OB (woohoo!), and by August I’ll be preparing for my capstone and applying for jobs.  Considering how fast 2008 went, I can do this.  Right?!?!?!

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