Who’s In The House With pH?

Week 1 of Semester 2 is officially under our belts. It was very public health-heavy, thanks to a 3-day workshop to introduce us to the basic concepts of public health. And I loved every second of it! With my degree in anthropology and 4+ years of working in social services-type jobs, this is right up my alley. Not to mention hospice nursing is considered part of public health nursing. So I’m tuning in carefully on this one. My parish nursing rotation starts this week – I’ll be at a large Lutheran congregation in a suburb of the city.

Then there’s Med Surg II – we focus this semester on complex health problems (renal failure, heart failure, etc.), and end the semester on trauma and critical care. Our professor is a hoot – a southerner who loves to tell stories. It’ll be an intense class, but I think I’ll enjoy it. Friday we learned a “tic tac toe” method for interpreting ABG (arterial blood gas) results. After practicing a few hundred times, I think I’ve finally got it. And I REALLY like one of our clinical projects – we have to watch a film featuring an end-of-life situation and put together a care plan focusing on the non-physiological needs of a character (either the patient or a family member). After going through such a traumatic end-of-life scenario with my own father, I am all about speaking up on behalf of families. This assignment will give me an opportunity to do just that.

But boy will I be glad when that monstrous Med-Surg ATI text is a thing of the past.

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