So we have our first Med-Surg exam this Friday.  And I think about half the class was about to burst into tears during lecture today, weighed down by the mere volume of information we will be expected to know (and imagine if we weren’t two chapters behind)!

I’m certainly in the same boat when it comes to feeling overwhelmed.  Were I actually in my Med-Surg clinical and putting these concepts into practice, I think I might feel a little more in my element (although the stuff is still freaking hard, whatever rotation we’re in right now).  But my brain feels like it’s on a completely different wavelength and information I should know, I’m struggling with.  Even cardio stuff, which normally fascinates me, is giving me palpitations of my own.

But I guess the best I can do is study my booty off this week and do the best I can do.  Remember that humble pie I mentioned last semester?  I’m about to help myself to big ol’ slice…

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