Glo Germ

Today we did an educational presentation at our parish – we decided to teach the preschoolers about handwashing.  It only confirmed for me how much I want to work with kids someday.

The class went really well – we read them a story about how germs spread, and then used a Glo Germ kit to have them spread “germs” amongst each other (Glo Germ is a lotion substance that glows under UV light, so they could see how their previously clean hands became dirty after shaking hands with an “infected” classmate).  Then we practiced washing our hands while we sang “Twinkle, Twinkle.”  A.dor.a.ble.

The beauty of peds is that you get to work with the little tykes AND their families.  It truly encompasses everything I love about nursing – family support, hands on care, nurturing, patient and family teaching and advocacy.  And kids!

In the midst of an already-exhausting semester, I must say that I feel a bit refreshed. 🙂

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