So I have discovered the miraculous intervention that is acupuncture!  And I thank the Lord in heaven that I got over my needle issues and allowed myself to become a pin cushion.

It all started when I completely wrenched my back in my Med-Surg rotation last fall.  They teach you proper body mechanics for a reason, folks!  And no matter how much of a hurry you’re in, use what you learned or live to rue the day!

I had assumed I could overcome the pain by popping a few NSAIDs and resuming an exercise routine that I had so woefully neglected.  Only problem was, my damn back hurt so bad I didn’t want to move.  The doctor did x-rays, which came back hunky dorey and I was left wondering if I needed to shell out the cash for physical therapy.

Then along came my wonderful new naturopathic doctor – I had discovered her through a website that offered thyroid patients the opportunity to recommend providers who gave excellent care.  This doc was highly touted in my city and I needed someone to follow me here, so I made an appointment and poured my heart out over 90 minutes (unheard of in today’s medical practices).  Among my issues was the continued back pain, for which she prescribed me a PRN order of Vicodin (finally!) and referred me to the clinic’s acupuncturist.

Despite some trepidation about having sharp objects tapped into various points of my body, I gritted my teeth and went to my first appointment a month ago.  Three sessions later, I can say with confidence that I am pain-free!  Although I still have some stiffness after sitting for long periods, I am much more able to recover quickly and resume normal activities.  I’m even able to get back to the gym, which in the long run will help my back anyway.  And my Vicodin bottle is gathering dust in the medicine cabinet.

So for those of you who are health care providers and have a client in pain, PLEASE don’t hesitate to recommend acupuncture.  Chinese medicine has been around a lot longer than our system has.  And I can testify from personal experience that they must be doing something right!

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