My Future

So the dilemma of how vigorously to compete for a pediatrics placement this summer continues.  Apparently there are three more people from my program requesting a peds rotation than there are spots.  They e-mailed us today and asked for people who do NOT have their heart set on a pediatrics capstone to be willing to switch to OB.  I e-mailed them back and said I DO have my heart set on peds.  I had half a mind to e-mail the entire group and beg people who don’t have a strong preference to “fess up” and volunteer but I decided that would be arrogant of me…and a little bit desperate.

But would it be?  Like I said earlier, I am not one to climb over my peers in an attempt to get what I want.  But then again, knowing what I know about my classmates, there are a number of people on that list who have never once mentioned an interest in pediatrics as a career specialty.  There are maybe 5 of us who have made our dreams clear from the beginning.  So those who would prefer pediatrics over OB but have little interest in a pediatric nursing future should defer to the rest of us…shouldn’t they?

All I know is, if there ends up being a lottery and I lose out, I’m going to be very frustrated.  You can’t do a capstone with youngsters without doing a placement this summer.  And it would be hard to get a job in peds out of nursing school without that capstone experience.  I’m sure it wouldn’t be impossible, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world – I could start in adult oncology or hospice and take that route – but I also have the educational goal of getting my Doctorate and becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  The longer it takes me to get some actual pediatric experience, the more that dream is also deferred.

What’s a nursing student to do?

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