Over the Rainbow

Standing at the bus stop today after a veeeeeery long day of group projects (another story for another day), what should come on my iPod but Eva Cassidy’s hauntingly beautiful version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  It gave me goosebumps.

When I was growing up, my absolute favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz. Perhaps it was my active imagination, perhaps it was the awesome music, or my romantic notions about living on a farm (???), but I desperately wanted to be Dorothy.  My 5th birthday party was right out of Oz – complete with yellow brick road, ruby slippers and costumes!  My Indian Princess name was “Over the Rainbow”.  And my dear father and I bonded over the characters and the music and “there’s no place like home”.  When we danced at my wedding, we danced to “Over the Rainbow.” Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s version of the song is my ring tone.

So of the thousands of songs available when I shuffle my iPod, I find it hard to believe that this selection was a complete coincidence, considering the fact that I’ll be shadowing a nurse on the oncology unit tomorrow morning.  This will be my first time on an oncology floor since I was there as a family member during that awful month when my dad’s pain and nausea were out-of-control. It’s bound to be a cathartic experience in one way or another.  I’ve already dreamed about bursting into tears the moment I step off the elevator (knock on wood that doesn’t happen).  Cancer patients who are sick enough to be inpatient are usually really sick.  Perhaps dying. Almost certainly in pain.

Perhaps hearing those comforting words was my Daddy’s way of telling me he’ll be there with me tomorrow.  I’d like to believe so.

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