I was never so happy to see the clock strike 3:25 today.  With three group projects due this week and an extra day of clinical, I was pretty much done by this afternoon.  Then we all went out for a well-deserved happy hour!

The highlight of the week, however, was my morning on the oncology unit.  I was nervous about coming onto the floor and having a breakdown (even had nightmares about it), but it felt natural and right to be there.  I just took a deep breath, thought of it as another medical floor and went to work.  The nurse I shadowed had worked in oncology for a decade, and lost her own husband to leukemia (thanks to graft-versus-host disease following a well-intentioned bone marrow transplant).  So she had both knowledge and empathy to share, and she was WONDERFUL at her job.  I was so jazzed about the experience that one of my classmates will also be doing her extra clinical hours on the same unit.  If I didn’t do peds, I would do oncology.  Maybe at some point I will.  Or perhaps start in peds oncology, so I can do both.  Cancer has always held a strange fascination for me, and after our family’s own experience, proper cancer care is an issue very close to my heart.

We’re approaching the home stretch of the semester.  No more presentations, two more written assignments, and a few more exams.  It’s doable…I think!

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