Just In Case You Were Curious…

I’ve noticed on Allnurses and via WordPress.com’s awesome stat-keeping (which tells me what search terms folks use to lead them to this blog) that there is some interest in just how competitive the UCSF MEPN program truly is. So as a public service, I will help myself to a nice big slice of humble pie and give you the numbers according to their friendly “hell no to you” letter*:

Over 600 applications submitted. 150 interviews granted. 90 spots in the final class. So I had about a 25% chance of receiving an interview and a 15% chance of being admitted (or if you just count the final interviewees, admission chances were more like 60%). Like I said before, a crapshoot.

*Note: UCSF wasn’t satisfied with sending only one rejection letter. Oh no.  I had to get the word from the nursing school itself and then the graduate school (a “mere formality,” they assured me). I’ll have another slice of that pie now.

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