Silly Nurse Teeny

So I’m happily filling out my brand spanking new brain this morning at clinical when I realize there is a critical piece of information missing…

The patient’s freaking diagnosis.

Kind of important, wouldn’t you say?

So I have since edited and reposted the brain here (in both .doc and .pdf formats). Again, feel free to make your own changes as you see fit. It ain’t copyrighted. 🙂

3 more shifts and a simulation exam to go, and I am DONE with Med-Surg. Never would have thought of myself in adult nursing, but I’ve really liked both of my rotations. So the possibilities remain endless.

All I can think about now though is now much my feet hurt. Nurse Teeny has decided to buy herself a pair of Danskos when she passes the NCLEX (knock on wood). A fitting self-congratulatory gesture, if I do say so myself.

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