Bye-Bye Blue Devils

I submitted my notification today to Duke’s School of Nursing that I will not be following through on my deferment to their accelerated BSN program. It was rather bittersweet. Ever since I decided to become a nurse, Duke has stood out as the place I wanted to start my career. Especially after I interviewed with their pediatric nursing instructor during the application process. I was absolutely thrilled when I was admitted and the thought of not attending Duke was the hardest part of moving home.

The good news is, I got a similar vibe from my new program that I did from Duke. My interview with their faculty representative went swimmingly, their admissions staff have been nothing but helpful, and the pre-licensure component of their program is 16 months long (the same duration as Duke’s BSN). So I feel very comfortable about my decision and very excited about living closer to home and yet in a brand new city that I can explore.

But boy will I miss those basketball games! 🙂

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