Med-Surgically Speaking

My advanced adult health nursing rotation is officially donezo! It was a SUPER busy final day, but I made it!

My patients this week were as different as night and day, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them both. One was a younger woman who had a long and complicated medical history and had been hospitalized with chest pain related to fluid buildup in her lungs.  She had ascites in her belly like you wouldn’t believe but no liver problems.  Multiple specialists were on the job to solve the mystery and hopefully fix the problem.

Then there was my “crotchety old guy” whom I absolutely adored, in the hospital for a week following a repair of a dissecting aortic aneurysm.  Despite a foreboding report from the night nurse on my first day (see here for my skeptical take on change-of-shift reports), we hit it off and he turned out to be a sweetheart who was a) very distressed about the toll his surgery had taken on his body, b) very distressed about being unable to control his self-perceived “hostility” and grumpiness, and c) very, very lonely.  Working with him for a couple of days had a profound effect on me … it not only reinforced the importance of patient-centered care, but it also hit me like a ton of bricks that I really like adult nursing!  Especially nursing of crotchety old guys.  🙂

So yes, I still see myself working in peds, but I wouldn’t be broken-hearted if I did some adult health nursing at some point in my career.  And I have a long career ahead of me, with opportunities to try many different kinds of nursing.

All-in-all, a very successful and validating experience.  I have SO MUCH to learn still, but I feel more and more like a nurse with each new day.

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