50% RN

It’s over, folks! We made it through the second of four pre-licensure semesters.  I’m absolutely flabbergasted at how much we have learned in the past 10 months!  Last night S was asking me about the different types of shock and I actually knew how to give him an intelligent response (except when it came to cardiogenic shock…apparently we ALL flubbed those questions on the exam).

We walked out of our Public Health final yesterday and went straight to a rockin’ end-of-semester party thrown by one of our classmates.  It was really nice to just hang out, goof around, and NOT have to stress about the next paper or test.  You could see it on all of our faces…the tension melted away and we were all smiles and hugs and funny faces.  And I have hundreds of pictures to prove it. 🙂

So now we have two weeks off, and we have been informed by our Public Health professor that if we even crack a nursing textbook in that time, she will personally find us and “kick our butts.” I’m spending the next week doing everything I don’t normally have time to do: sleep in, clean out the DVR, work out on a daily basis (hoping that I can keep it up better if I reestablish a routine), and give the apartment a much-needed deep cleaning.  I’m going home to visit my mom for the second week, and S will meet us there for the Relay for Life that we’ve done the past three years in honor of dear Dad.  Then we fly back here the night before classes resume.

So I may be off the grid for a bit.  My life without nursing stories just isn’t quite as blogworthy. 🙂

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