Plastic Children

Today was our Pediatrics skills lab, when we basically re-learned a lot of previously acquired skills, keeping in mind the unique developmental needs of children.  It was actually really fun, although even stranger to interact with child-sized mannikins than it was with grown up-sized ones.  But it was definitely helpful to practice my assessment skills and get back into the groove of things again.

We also got to meet our clinical faculty person, who is a hoot!  I think I’m going to really enjoy this rotation, although there will be a couple of significant differences from my other hospital experience.  For one, we’re not going to be assigned one RN as our clinical instructor, like we were on Med-Surg.  We’ll have a different nurse from week to week and will alternate between the infant/toddler and older kids’ units for the first four weeks, and then focus on the area we enjoy more for the last two.  The second major difference is that at least at our hospital, we’re not going to have access to the Pyxis, which is where you retrieve your meds.  This means that every time we have to get out a med, we have to find a nurse.  And since they won’t know us the way our clinical instructors do, they want to watch us dispense meds every time (on Med-Surg, once they feel comfortable with your skill level, you have a lot of independence).  So that’ll be odd…  But I can understand for safety reasons why they’d want to be particularly careful, since a medication error with a child can be even more serious with an adult (depending on the med).

Next week we attend part of the OB lab, although we don’t have to stay for the whole thing.  I’m just thrilled about the opportunity to work with children, and confirm once and for all if this is where I want to start my nursing career!

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