Waxing Poetic

Today in my Family Nursing class we shared “bio-poems” with each other about someone we knew or had met at a 12-step meeting who struggled with addiction (or was related to someone who did).  Bio-poems follow a specific formula to reflect important dimensions of a person’s life…our professor encouraged to think about how we might use this as a tool for a more in-depth look at the families we encounter.  ‘Probably wouldn’t have time to do this on a Med-Surg unit, but for more long-term processes, it could be really helpful to use bio-poems about each family member in order to help each person understand what is most important to, most feared and needed by their loved ones.  It might also be helpful in our future capacities as Clinical Nurse Leaders, both as a team-building exercise for the nurses with whom we work and as a family-building exercise if we choose to focus our leadership efforts on encouraging family-centered nursing.

She also encouraged us to think about our own bio-poems…what would they say and how might they change as our roles transition from nursing student, to novice, to CNL, to experienced nurse?  So I thought I’d try my hand at it, and write new bio-poems throughout this journey, at significant mileposts.

Here goes Round 1…

Nurse Teeny

Hard-working and passionate, helpful, an open book

Daughter of soul mates, big sister

Lover of family, dogs, and a guy named “S”

Who feels optimistic, curious, and often tired

Who needs to be challenged and loved, and to be a nurse

Who fears loss: loss of love, loss of contact, loss of hope

Who gives compassion, knowledge, and a healing presence

Who would like to be a wife and mother, and never stop learning

Resident of the Ivory Tower

Nurse Teeny

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