My beef with last night’s HawthoRNe

  1. You can’t make ICU rooms out of storage closets…where’s the oxygen, where’s the suction, where are the power-outage-proof plugs?   A chief nursing officer should know this…
  2. Nurses doing inventory in a med room do not wear hot pants and tank tops.  And they do not leave said med rooms unlocked and the door wide open to leave for a drink of water.
  3. A nurse actually told a patient to “only call him for real medical problems”.  He resented helping her shower, he resented helping her figure out the remote control, and he impatiently cut off their conversation.  Guess what, folks?  Nurses do it all!!  I’ve helped patients’ families find music channels on the TV, I’ve shampooed someone’s hair, and I sure as heck have listened to patients’ stories.  Even worse, the reason he was so impatient was because he wanted to go into the closet with the nurse in hot pants and tank top (see above).  If he had had a full patient load, I could understand needing to set limits.  But to try to get with a hot nurse named Candy???  C’mon!!
  4. The storyline about the patient on life support was very confusing.  Who was the patient’s health care proxy?  Does one adult child say he’s not ready to pull the plug, and another get to swoop in and turn everything off?  Who makes the call?
  5. A teenager walking around and snapping photos of patients with her cell phone camera would catch someone’s notice.  HIPAA, anyone?

This episode’s only redeeming quality was “Perky Nurse”…she still annoys me, but at least she stood up for her patient and went with her gut.  Go Perky Nurse!

The verdict is not lookin’ good for this one.

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