Sick Day

This week, the nurse became the patient…

I got hit with a nasty case of viral gastroenteritis on Tuesday and it just went downhill from there.  You don’t need to know the gory details.  Ended up so dehydrated by Thursday that I landed in urgent care, hooked up to IV fluids. The poor nurses tried to find a vein and after four miserable, painful attempts, they called in the big guns: a phlebotomist from the lab who went in by instinct and got it on the first try.  Fluid volume deficit + Nurse Teeny’s stubborn veins = one major league challenge (that’s an official nursing diagnosis, by the way).

My diet for the past 48 hours has consisted of Gatorade, popsicles, and oyster crackers.  I missed clinical today, and won’t make it to a friend’s wedding this weekend. And it’s so hot I just want to find a corner of my non-air-conditioned apartment and not move.

Happy freakin’ 4th of July.

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