A Little Extra TLC

I may just have to stop watching HawthoRNe. Every time I see this show, I get a little more frustrated. I could just throw my hands up, stop analyzing its lack of realism and watch it purely for the entertainment value… Wait, I’m not even entertained anymore!

Last night insulted me as a nurse-to-be (and as a female). The plotline featured rumors overheard by Male Nurse about a colleague – Candy, the beautiful blonde who always wears the same pink scrubs. Apparently Candy shows her support for the troops by giving a little extra attention to her veteran patients. If you catch my drift… This “lending a hand” was one of the first scenes of the pilot episode and I was appalled then.

But when Male Nurse confronted Candy about her behavior on last night’s show, she defends herself by saying that it’s “something she can do” for our men in uniform. Apparently being deployed warrants sexual favors by your favorite medical professional. So what happens when you get a female patient who serves in the military? And don’t get me started on the dialogue. When Candy described the soldiers overseas as “strangers in a strange land”, I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve in our armed forces. I cannot begin to comprehend the sacrifices made by them and their families. However I may feel about the war itself, I have to admire their courage, sense of duty and commitment to protecting their fellow citizens.

But there are ways to show your appreciation for soldiers and veterans, other than degrading both them and yourself. They don’t need cheap TLC, they need excellent health care. They need to hear a genuine “Thank you.” They need programs that help their transition when they return home. They need to be paid a decent wage, and their families need to be supported. They need to be respected for their service and – I’m getting on my soapbox here – NOT be fearful of revealing their sexual orientation for fear of dishonorable discharge.

But Candy’s little stunt not only doesn’t impress me, it completely disgusts me. It’s unprofessional. It’s disrespectful. It’s demeaning to nurses and women everywhere. And the fact that the idea even entered the minds of HawthoRNe‘s creators shows me just how truly out of touch they are with the nursing profession.

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