Natural-Born Nurse

Yesterday was the end of my peds rotation…very bittersweet indeed.  It was pretty anticlimactic – since we didn’t have a consistent clinical instructor throughout the experience, we didn’t really have anyone to say “goodbye” to.  Most of the nurses didn’t even know it was our last day.  But nonetheless, I was sad to walk out that door and to my car.

My last shift was on the infant-toddler unit and I still felt a little discombobulated about the care, but boy did I love those babies!  I had a little one who was discharged after undergoing evacuation of a subdural hematoma.  She was a DOLL!! Every time I peeked over the rails of her crib, she greeted me with a brilliant smile.  So easygoing and pleasant and adorable.  Then there was the lil’ ladies’ man who was receiving antifungal therapy after his central line was infected with some kind of yeast.  He had the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen and he would just fixate on my face and give me a flirty little half-smile.  No wonder many of the nurses on the unit are pregnant or have little ones – this floor is bound to give you baby fever! 🙂

My third patient was older (overflow from the school-age unit) and had undergone open heart surgery to repair a valve problem.  He was also easygoing and his mom was wonderful.

All-in-all, a very satisfying conclusion to my pediatric clinical experience.  I still don’t think hospital nursing is for me in the long-term, but being around kids really does brighten up my world.  During my final eval, my clinical faculty coordinator said she thought I belonged in peds (which was very reassuring), and called me a “natural-born nurse”.

Regardless of what comes next, that is a very positive message to come away with.

One more week of exams and projects, and then we’re free for an entire month!

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