Watch Your Mouth

Nurse Teeny is pretty fed up with this nonsense.

I walked into the faculty offices this morning to double-check my simulation time, and what should I overhear but a conversation between a classmate and a professor?

Classmate: “[Nurse Teeny] finishes her ATIs in like 20 minutes!”

Professor: “[Nurse Teeny] who?”

Classmate: “[Nurse Teeny’s last name]. It’s OBNOXIOUS. And she gets 3s on all of her ATIs too.”

First of all, a point of correction. I have not in fact earned a 3 on all of my ATIs (a 3 is the highest proficiency level you can get). But then again, I don’t advertise my scores to the rest of the class. It’s no one else’s business, in my opinion.

But besides that, how completely inappropriate to a) Talk about me behind my back, b) Talk about me in such a negative light, and c) Talk about me in that negative light to a faculty member!!!! I walked out of the hallway shaking. Then I decided to actually stand up for myself and confront said classmate about what I heard.

She did apologize, for which I give her credit, but she also tried to backpedal and say that she was actually trying to compliment me and that I obviously didn’t hear the entire conversation. She said she was trying to point out to the professor that I was the “star” of the class. I pointed out that calling me obnoxious doesn’t sound very complimentary. She then said she didn’t recall using the exact word “obnoxious”. Yeah right. I heard it loud and clear. Then she said what she actually meant was that it was personally obnoxious to her that she was struggling over a test that I seemed to finish in no time at all. This is the same classmate who once asked me to sit and wait when I finished a test so I didn’t make everyone else feel bad.

I fail to see how finishing a test and leaving the room as quietly as possible is obnoxious. I also fail to understand why I seem to incur this enmity when I have done absolutely nothing to purposefully draw attention to myself. In fact, I have tried very hard NOT to draw attention to myself. I work my butt off, study hard, and do my best, which is all that I can ask of myself. I don’t compete to be at the top of my class, I compete to be MY best. I don’t try to finish tests first just for the hell of it, I just test quickly. Maybe I’m completely naive, but I’m baffled about how this can be so threatening to people. Of course, the culture of this program is something that has plagued me for months. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Moral of the story for others: Watch what you say about other people. You never know who’s listening.

Moral of the story for Nurse Teeny: Keep standing up for yourself. You don’t deserve this.

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