Damn Cat. Damn Dog.

Nurse Teeny was bested by a feline this week.

I was innocently taking the dogs out Monday morning when our 80-pound chocolate lab’s ears perked up the moment we exited the building and spotted our neighbor’s cat hanging out in the parking lot. She then took off after her prey at full speed, giving me no time to drop the leash before I went flying through the air and landed face- and left hand-first on the asphalt. Ouch.  Got some sweet road rash on my cheek, hands, knees, and feet, not to mention puncture wounds on my leg from the keys that were in my pocket.

Landed me another trip to urgent care and an x-ray series of my wrist, which I could not extend or rotate. No fractures, but doctor’s orders are to rest, ice, take pain meds, elevate, and wear a brace for at least two weeks.

My only consolation is that this didn’t happen during a clinical rotation!  Happy Summer!

P.S.Apologies for any inadvertent typos. Being temporarily one-handed has really put a damper on my typing skills.

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