Evidence-Based Blogging

The next few weeks will hopefully be quiet, barring any future klutzy moves by yours truly (or any sudden moves by the dog). So I thought I’d take advantage of this downtime by addressing one component of nursing that my nerdy self just eats up: research.

I’ve blogged previously about the possibility of pursuing my Ph.D. in addition to/instead of my DNP. And my Master’s degree as a Clinical Nurse Leader will also lend itself to utilizing nursing research to improve and enhance health care. One of the things we learned in our Research class this summer was the importance of synthesizing current literature (“evidence-based”), rather than relying on a single article (“research utilization”) to change practice.

As someone who actually enjoys doing CINAHL database searches and making evidence tables (fine, groan if you want to), I thought I’d use this blog as a forum for exploring a topic that has fascinated and flustered me all year: the culture of nursing school, particularly the experiences of second-degree nursing students.

I’ll be taking a look at and blogging about some articles over the next few weeks that address this issue, and I welcome your comments and feedback. Whether you’re a second-degree student, a BSN or ADN student, a student-to-be or already a nurse, I’d love to hear about your experiences and expectations of nursing school. Hopefully the research addressed will be fodder for some good conversation…

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