Putting Research Into Practice

Into practicing research, that is.  The free medical clinic where I worked for a year before starting nursing school has hired me back as a consultant during my break from school.  And wouldn’t you know it, my primary project is to help develop evidence-based guidelines! 

The clinic has been using the model of group medical visits for women’s health, and they want to put this model to work for their diabetes patients, who use 80% of the clinic’s resources.  But they also want to formalize the process of group visits so that they can use the model in the future for other types of groups.

My task: to develop policies and procedures/standard work orders for group medical visits in general, as well as to draft a research-based “vision statement” about the need for a diabetes-specific group. 

So it’s not exactly a relaxing break.  But I’m making money!  And I’m using the research skills we honed this summer.  Not a bad deal…

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