Are You Oinking Kidding Me?

My little sister is a grad student in Public Health and Social Work, and a world traveler extraordinaire! She was most recently in India for 6 weeks on a water sanitation project and returned home safely on Wednesday.

She came back with a stowaway, however.  And not just any stowaway.

H1-freaking-N1.  Aka the “swine flu.”

The emergency department didn’t even try to type it.  Based on her symptoms and recent travel history, they’re pretty confident in their diagnosis (although India has had its share of cases, it’s apparently nothing worthy of the panic it’s receiving).  They did do a chest x-ray and draw blood to check for parasites and other creepy crawly things that could make her sick.  But in the meantime, it’s the usual treatment regimen: rest and fluids.

The good news is, the mass hysteria that accompanied the original swine flu outbreak last spring has died down. Those of us who have been exposed can go about our business as long as we don’t exhibit any symptoms.  The bad news is, the next couple weeks were supposed to be a whirlwind for my poor sister – moving back to school, coming back home for our ladies’ wine trip, starting her second year of classes, and then traveling to a friend’s wedding.  Hopefully the disease will run its course in time for her to do some of it, and hopefully none of the rest of us will get sick either.

Oh dear.

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