Nursing Brain Sheet – Another Option

So I’ve been a slacker about my “evidence-based blogging” thus far.  I blame the tonsillitis I contracted last week, which has kept me from working, having fun or being at all useful. (Note: That is the THIRD case I’ve had in about a year…ugh).

But I did want to post another version of a nursing brain sheet that I have been toying with since my Family Nursing class.  I’ve noticed a lot of downloading traffic of the previous brain, which is awesome!! I’m glad folks are finding it useful.  The important thing is finding something that works for you…

This one is a wee bit different – the first page is a “time management” brain.  On it, you list all of your clients (or up to 3), plus a few critical details about each one/space for making notes, and then use the time columns to indicate when each client has meds due, procedures, consults, etc.  That way you can visualize who-has-what-when, and plan ahead, especially for those times when ALL of your patients have something due (0900 meds anyone????).

Pages 2 and 3 are meant to be printed double-sided.  You can fit information about 3 clients at once, including vitals, CBGs, I&Os, etc.  The backside has a space to jot down lab results you need to know, plus a hopefully useful “SBAR” section for each client.  SBAR is the gold standard in nursing (and much of health care) for giving and receiving report.  It stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation.  You can use this section when getting report at the beginning of shift, and it has handy information that you can use when giving report as well.

Give it a shot (in Word or PDF formats) and see what you think.  And please let me know how the brains are working for you once you start clinical!  I love tinkering with these and coming up with new layouts where you can fit as much useful information into as little space as possible.  Hmm, maybe I should copyright these… 🙂

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