Fall Is In the Air

Well, not quite.  It’s still pretty warm.  But here goes fall semester anyway…

It’s crazy to think that I’m a mere three months away from completing the pre-licensure part of this program.  This term will feature a lot less class time, a lot more clinical time, and a whole lot of independent study.  Here’s the schedule breakdown:

  • Leadership/Health Policy: The big feature of this class will be a campus-wide forum on health care reform, which we are responsible for researching, organizing and presenting.  I’m SUPER excited about this project because I love discussing politics and I need to learn more about this mess anyway.  We’ll also be spending a lot of time on learning about our leadership and communication styles…very helpful for when we begin working on our Clinical Nurse Leader coursework next summer.
  • Practicum: The famous capstone!  165+ hours in a clinical setting (you’ll know as soon as I do), 15 hours of simulation time to prep, and a seminar to cap it all off.  The seminar will help us process the clinical experience, debrief about challenges we face, and address our anxieties about becoming a professional nurse.  We also have a paper or presentation due at the end of the semester on an ethical or advocacy issue of our choice.
  • Comprehensive Review: Only meets four times, but I think it will turn out to be a very important class.  We’ll get help coming up with a personal learning plan to study for the ATI Comprehensive Predictor and NCLEX, complete paperwork to apply for licensure (whoopee!), and practice for those blasted oral comps (more on those another time).

So there you have it.  A lot less reading- and writing-intensive than previous semesters, I really believe that this fall will be what we make of it.  I still can’t believe how far we’ve come!

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