Done and Done

I signed up for Hurst Review‘s online program today and I am feeling good about my decision, despite the steep price tag. They do offer their review in a 4-day class if you can find one locally, but it was $50 more. I’m actually thinking that watching the lectures by Marlene Hurst, the founder of the program, will be to my benefit, as will my ability to view said lectures from anywhere I can get online.

I’m tackling the NCLEX from multiple angles. Kaplan is helping a lot with strategies to solve specific types of questions. Saunders will give me practice in answering many many many NCLEX-type questions. And Hurst is going to help me hone in on content.

This test is funny. It makes me anxious even though I’ve done really well in school (especially after I read an article today about how nursing students who do well academically are actually a high-risk group for failing…ugh!).

Although I feel confident overall, I’m doing everything I can to pass this puppy on the first go-round. There’s no substitute for thorough preparation! The harder I work for the next three months, the better I’ll feel. And when it comes to my future, you can’t ask for anything more than that.

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