Study Guru

My NCLEX study plan officially began today. I’ve been doing some content review here and there before now, but this was really the kickoff of the hardcore launch. I’ve contemplated posting the calendar on the blog but I don’t know if it would actually be helpful to anyone. As I told my friend Katie, this is a “hardcore nerd” personal learning plan. But if you’d like to see a copy, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to share it.

Today’s goal was to watch the first part of Hurst Online’s “Fluids and Electrolytes” lecture. Most of the videos are of Marlene Hurst (the founder herself) doing the lectures, and she is a hoot! Combine a deep Southern accent with a crazy sense of humor, and I was in stitches! At least I’m having some fun while I torture myself. 😛

I told S this evening that if I stick to the plan and don’t pass the NCLEX on the first go, I’m not supposed to be a nurse. I was being facetious of course, but part of me would be devastated if I worked as hard as I plan to and don’t get that license. I honestly don’t know what else I could do to prepare. I’m attacking this thing from all sides:

  • Strategy: How to eliminate answer choices and get to the heart of what the question is asking
  • Content: The core information I need to know to get through the test
  • Test Knowledge: By reading the NCLEX Test Plan, taking the NCSBN’s NCLEX Tutorial ahead of time, and understanding how a computerized test operates, I will feel a little less anxious about the mysterious exam.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: CD-ROM tests, and practice tests, and questions galore, oh my! I need to familiarize myself with NCLEX-style questions.
  • Utilizing “Free Time”: My flashcards (electronic and paper version) go with me wherever I go. If I’m in a waiting room, I can whip those puppies out and go to town.

But I also know that if I stick to the plan, then I will walk into that testing center feeling confident that I DO know this and I CAN do this.


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