Do You Know How To Do This?

Reason #1 why I love pediatric nursing?

Party hats!

One of our patients who has been on the unit forever celebrated her birthday today. So Mom and Dad decided to throw her party with us! They brought us cupcakes, party favor bags, and duh duh duh, party hats! Our patient even had a ladybug costume on! Adorable!

Reason #2 why I love pediatric nursing? These kids are not shy of reminding you when you’re doing something wrong or unnecessary. It’s hilarious…and humbling. I went in to my 10-year old patient’s room because her IV pump alarm was beeping, and because I wasn’t familiar with that particular pump it took me a few seconds to figure out the problem. The patient looked right at me and said, “Do you know how to do this?”

My adult patients never questioned me. I could speculate for hours about the reasons for the discrepancy, but most of these kids have been sick for a long time and they know the drill way better than me. For example, when I was flushing a central line today, the patient clamped and unclamped her line like a pro. She probably could have hooked everything up herself and taken way less time than me.

Reason #3 why I love pediatric nursing? Every day is a challenge and a blessing. One of my patients is going to die. She just found out that her leukemia has relapsed and the prognosis is terrible. Her bone marrow showed over 70% blasts (immature white blood cells). There are so many things to think about. So much to fear. And she is sad, which is understandable. But she’s also a child who wants to do an art project tonight.

Every day is a challenge and a blessing. And I am blessed to know that this is where I am meant to be!

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