Sorry to have been so silent lately! I have been absolutely loving my capstone rotation, but these consecutive 12-hour shifts are a killer! I worked three days in a row last week (on my “Fall Break”), and then hopped on a plane early the next morning to spend the rest of the break with family.

So life has been great! I am about halfway through my rotation, which is crazy. By the end of last week, I was taking 2 patients almost completely on my own. Since the max is 3, I feel like that’s progress. 🙂

I also had my mid-term eval with my preceptor today and it seems like we’re both very pleased about how this is going. She has hinted numerous times that she would love for me to be hired onto the unit, which would be a dream come true. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s open come December.

I did ask her advice about where I should start if there wasn’t an opening on the floor, which is very possible given the economy and the hiring freezes that many hospitals are in. I mentioned this summer that I would not be opposed to working in adult oncology, but I have continued to be worried that I may not be hired into peds once I’ve started with adults.

My preceptor put those fears to rest, however. She pointed out that I will have completed two peds rotations successfully, which shows my interest in working with the kiddos. She said that if I have a choice, I should make sure I’m working in oncology right out of school. I would be able to become chemo-certified, familiarize myself with the drugs, possibly become certified as an oncology nurse and demonstrate my commitment to family nursing, which is part of cancer care whether your patient is a child or an adult.

Apparently there is at least one nurse on our floor who started with adults and was easily hired into the unit. And with my capstone in peds hem/onc on my resume, she thinks I’d be in prime position. Since I’m perfectly comfortable (even excited) about the idea of working with adults, I’m definitely going to keep my eyes out for those opportunities as well.

It would probably be easier to get hired with adults anyway – there are only two dedicated children’s cancer centers in the state (only one that is part of a larger cancer research center), but there are a number of hospitals within driving distance that provide cancer care to grown-ups. And many places will hire new grads with oncology experience.

It’s refreshing to know that I’m on the right track. Now just gotta make it through that durned NCLEX. 😉

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