Birthday Job Hunt

Today Nurse Teeny turned 29. One more year as a twentysomething! 🙂

To be honest, I won’t miss the twenties. A lot of stuff went down and I’m happy to report that the next decade looks much more promising and full of moments to look forward to. As does the next year!

In honor of my birthday, I applied to my first RN job!!! It is a new grad med-surg internship at a hospital about 45 minutes away, starting in January. There is not really a nursing shortage in my city thanks to an economy in the toilet and the 10+ nursing schools that feed into (read: saturate) the local job market. So they encouraged us to think outside the box and look for positions not in the immediate area or that may not be our first choice but would allow us to build up our skills.

So I did.

There are four specialty areas we can request in the internship: oncology, general medical, general surgical, and surgical telemetry. My first choice was obviously oncology. That was a no brainer! If I can get hired into hem/onc whatever the patients’ ages may be, I’ve got one foot in the door.

I decided to go with surgical telemetry for my second choice. Basically pre-op and post-op patients who are on cardiac monitoring for one reason or another. The heart has always fascinated me! And I’m intrigued by the challenge of learning to read EKG strips really well.

My references are awesome – my advisor/professor who also happens to be our dean (score!), my current preceptor, and the medical director of the free clinic where I used to work. The job posting also did say they’ll give preference to a high GPA, and my grades have been good. So I’m feeling confident that I’m at least as qualified as the next person.

The one thing that makes me nervous is that the position description said “BSN required.” I will be taking the NCLEX in December but I won’t have my BSN because my program skips that step and just gives us an MSN when we finish everything in 2012. I obviously have a baccalaureate education, so hopefully they will take that into consideration. But it made me nervous to answer “No” to the question, “Will I have a BSN by Winter 2009.” Keep your fingers crossed on that little detail!

So there you have it. My first job application as a nurse is in! This is starting to feel very real all the sudden…

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